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September 2, 2009 by · 1 Comment 

Learning The German Language is becoming more popular with the day. Today I will explore ways on how to Learn German Fast.

The German Language is spoken by around 105 million, which illustrated the importance and benefits of learning it. German has its roots as a western Germanic Language. This means its related alongside English which is a great advantage for us.

During my German teaching I have encountered many inpatient students that wanted quick results. There are several methods that can help in learning the German language quicker then usual.

If you want to become fully fluent you will need to have a good understanding of the German grammar structure, but that’s not what we are here for. We want to learn German Fast.

Here are some tested methods that I have advised over and over:

Firstly: Try to practice with a native speaker, learning through basic conversations give the fastest results.
Secondly: plan time for learning German at least a few hours a week.
Thirdly: Start with free German Courses to find your perfect learning method.

And lastly: The most important tip: vary your learning resources. DON’T just learn from 1 book. Vary your learning sources (I can’t say it often enough)
- 2 German Study at home courses
- 1 free German course
- 1 German phrase book
- 1 German grammar book

It is really that simple. Start planning today and you could be speaking German within a few months. Teaching German has always been a passion for me and I really like to see my students progress fast. I hope this article inspires you into Learning German Fast.

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