Episode One; Shelby and Linny Learn German

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Learn German – German Greetings

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http://www.best-german-gifts.com/german-greetings.html find here typical german greetings and introductions and learn german free

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Learn German Pronunciation Deutsch Happen – Zungenbrecher 3

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http://www.deutschhappen.com This is the third part of the series about german tongue twisters – deutsche Zungenbrecher.

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Tokio Hotel Rolling Stone Learn speaking german

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It’s short but it’s cute =]
& don’t forget:
Tom is the best xD

I do not own this video.

People keep asking what Bill says about his favorite song.
He tells that his favorite song is: 99 luftballons.
That’s a song from nena.
I hope that’s clear enough ^^

People just don’t get it do they?
Don’t waste your time on posting stopping comments
if you don’t like them.
I already removed a few, and I will keep doing that ;]

The subtitles aren’t always correct
But I didn’t make the subtitles.
They are part of the video.

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Learn German Pronunciation with Deutsch Happen – letter V

October 2, 2008 by · 1 Comment 

In this video lesson you will learn about a particularity in the German language. In German the letter V can be pronounced as a V but also as an F. Teach yourself german right here at learning german language .org

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Learn German – Vocabulary: Numbers

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Learn German Numbers through this video we got sent in.

Although the pronunciation is not perfectly, its still a nice study German tool for today.

Learn German Vocabulary: Numbers

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learn german: das Wetter

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das Wetter, einfache Vokabeln rund ums Wetter, mehr davon in meinen deutsch-Klassenräumen oder bei www.palabea.net

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Learn German with the german courses by Prosonsoft

September 8, 2008 by · 2 Comments 

The German Language Course German in everyday life and profession will prepare you for general familiarization with German in everyday life and profession in Germany. The german course is intended for beginners, however, it is also useful for intermediate students with some knowledge and for teachers in language schools.

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Learn How To Speak German

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http://EasilyLearnGerman.com Go To Our Site To Learn How To Speak German for Free.


Make sure to visit our site to learn german free. We have a course so you can study German for free.

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Learn German with SpeedyConKiwi! (Hi. Bye. Thanks.)

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Episode two!!
Click “more” for more details

Hello = Hallo
Good morning = Guten Morgen
Good evening = Guten Abend
Good day = Guten Tag
Good night = Gute Nacht
Goodbye = Auf Wiedersehen
Bye = Tschüß/Ciao
See you soon = Bis bald
See you later = Bis später
See you tomorrow = Bis morgen
Please = Bitte
Thank you = Danke
You’re welcome = Bitte (You could also use “Gern geschehen”, but I forgot to mention it…. meh… sorry, stupid me, will add it next time. But “bitte” is perfectly correct. Duh!)

I hope this was helpful, and if you have any suggestions, feel free to tell me in the comments!


Duration : 0:7:10

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