Is there an easy way to learn German?

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I am hoping to learn German and need all the assistance I can get, Did anyone use a book and cd that they can recommend? I am on a tight budget but would appreciate any recommendations :-) Thanks!
I am living in Germany currently, so yes, that does help, but like I said I would love to have a book and cd or something so I can see and read as well as hear it! Thanks for all your suggestions :-)

The easiest way to learn any language is to live in that specific country for a bit. You cant help but pick it up.

(not really possible on a small budget though I suppose).

whats the best ,cheap and easy way to learn german language?

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i want ot learn basic to ineermediate professional german thats helpfull in my work place. whats the best approach to learn it.

try here. online lessons, free and really good. i learned itallian this way

What's the best way for me to learn German this summer?

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I have 4 months and $5000 to learn as much German as I can. I currently only have 2 semesters of college-level German classes completed, so my German skills are pretty weak. How do I get better quickly?

Go to Germany. There are great schools that give you intensive lessons and also an accommodation.
I´ve learned in Frankfurt, Goethe Institute, very expensive. And i did not learned a lot. But anyhow a certificate from this school is accepted everywhere.
Darmstadt, Studio Mondiale, cheaper, nice, Learned a lot..!! The personal intensive courses are at good price and it is a great way to learn. Darmstadt is a very nice city, full of students. Annete a great teacher.
Dusseldorf, Sprach forum Heinrich Heine, great! I learned everything there. I passed the DSH test to enter any German University (not everyone passes the exam on the first time). The prices are great. Dusseldorf is very nice and you meet a lot of people there…
I recommend that you go to Germany and stay there for more than a month. Live with German people when possible. A family or young people. That is the only way to lear and practice…!! Good luck. Here are the web pages.

How can I learn german in leeds?

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I just got my mechanical eng. degree from mmu.Next year I will be in Leeds uni. doing MSc automotive eng. And I wanna start to learn german language as well. Is there any society or any place that you can suggest me?

Getting 1-on-1 tuituion is the best way dat way you can learn faster. But if u reli don't want to learn it all that quickly u cud try an adult learning class.
Even using the internet but that is harder.

Tokio Hotel Rolling Stone Learn speaking german

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It’s short but it’s cute =]
& don’t forget:
Tom is the best xD

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People keep asking what Bill says about his favorite song.
He tells that his favorite song is: 99 luftballons.
That’s a song from nena.
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But I didn’t make the subtitles.
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How long did it take you to learn and speak German good?

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How long did it take you to learn and speak German good? I am trying to learn it, I would like to hear someone elses experience learning German. I started learning it at age 14 and passed my GCSE (age16 exams in the UK) at 16 with an A grade. I went on to study it to age 18. I’m now 30 and it’s a tad rusty to be honest, more through lack of practice.

You need a really good teacher and also you need the opportunity to immerse yourself in the language – read German newspapers, books, watch German films. Ideally, visit Germany and immerse yourself in the country. It takes time and planning to learn and speak German good

Learn to Speak German

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Learn to Speak German

$IMAGE$ Learn to Speak German

Learn German with SpeedyConKiwi! (How YOU doin?)

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New episode! Subscribe if you like!

Today’s lesson includes:

How are you? – Wie geht’s dir?
I’m fine, thanks. – Mir geht’s gut, danke.
And you? – Und dir? / Und du?
What’s your name? – Wie heißt du?
My name is… – Ich heiße …
Where are you from? – Woher kommst du?
I’m from … – Ich komme aus …
Yes – Ja
No – Nein
Maybe/Perhaps – Vielleicht

and a little dialogue!

Leave your suggestions and feedback in the comments!

The website I talk about:

My German Vlogging channel:

Thanks a lot for watching!

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What’s the best way to learn German in a year?

December 21, 2007 by · 6 Comments 

I need to learn german in a year so I can go to Germany with a foreign exchanged student we have this year. I want to stay for a year but I have no clue how to say ANYTHING in German… Any ideas?

Take a class, practice with the foreign exchange student, but don’t expect to be great at German before you get there–you’ll have the chance to improve when you’re there!

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