How to learn German language in Mindanao?

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I will marry my fiance next time in Opol(Cagayan de Oro).Before she get the Visa for Germany she have to learn basic german language.Where she can learn and make a certificate,to give this in the end to German embassy in Manila?
Its statutory provision to learn for family reunion visa! The final test will be in the German embassy.But this against the human right,caus as a sample….Korean&brasilian dont need that.its only a matter of time that sombody will claim &win. So they hav to correct that. but til this time u hav to learn.Its an scandal.
I cant change this now,so we learn already by videochat

Her English must be good enough to try one of the many German Classes one can find online. Our learning German Language blog contains several reviews that can be of great help.

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Learn German – Vocabulary: Numbers

September 17, 2008 by · 25 Comments 

Learn German Numbers through this video we got sent in.

Although the pronunciation is not perfectly, its still a nice study German tool for today.

Learn German Vocabulary: Numbers

Duration : 0:0:39

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Learn German with the german courses by Prosonsoft

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The German Language Course German in everyday life and profession will prepare you for general familiarization with German in everyday life and profession in Germany. The german course is intended for beginners, however, it is also useful for intermediate students with some knowledge and for teachers in language schools.

Duration : 0:4:21

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German Audio language learning

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German Audio language learning

Instant Immersion is a dynamic audio language learning system on 8 compact discs. Providing effective, progressive instruction in all the basics of structure, syntax and grammar, Instant Immersion emphasizes the building blocks of proper speech and conversational skill-building, all set to a lively lesson plan of practical vocabulary. Instant Immersion is the speedy, sophisticated route to proper language learning, for all non-native speakers on the go. This program contains eight hours of learning content, the best value in foreign language instruction! EAN# 9781591507581 ; ISBN# 1591507588

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What’s the best way to learn German in a year?

December 21, 2007 by · 6 Comments 

I need to learn german in a year so I can go to Germany with a foreign exchanged student we have this year. I want to stay for a year but I have no clue how to say ANYTHING in German… Any ideas?

Take a class, practice with the foreign exchange student, but don’t expect to be great at German before you get there–you’ll have the chance to improve when you’re there!

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