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Learning The German Language is becoming more popular with the day. Today I will explore ways on how to Learn German Fast.

The German Language is spoken by around 105 million, which illustrated the importance and benefits of learning it. German has its roots as a western Germanic Language. This means its related alongside English which is a great advantage for us.

During my German teaching I have encountered many inpatient students that wanted quick results. There are several methods that can help in learning the German language quicker then usual.

If you want to become fully fluent you will need to have a good understanding of the German grammar structure, but that’s not what we are here for. We want to learn German Fast.

Here are some tested methods that I have advised over and over:

Firstly: Try to practice with a native speaker, learning through basic conversations give the fastest results.
Secondly: plan time for learning German at least a few hours a week.
Thirdly: Start with free German Courses to find your perfect learning method.

And lastly: The most important tip: vary your learning resources. DON’T just learn from 1 book. Vary your learning sources (I can’t say it often enough)
- 2 German Study at home courses
- 1 free German course
- 1 German phrase book
- 1 German grammar book

It is really that simple. Start planning today and you could be speaking German within a few months. Teaching German has always been a passion for me and I really like to see my students progress fast. I hope this article inspires you into Learning German Fast.

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Learn Easy German Vocabulary – Clothes

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What better way to learn the German language fast then through vocabulary building.

Today we will focus on some easy German vocabulary – Clothing. Read it once then follow up by watching the video below.

Deutsch = Englisch

Herrenunterwäsche = men’s underwear
Unterhose = underpants, undershorts, pants, briefs (~under-hose)
Unterhemd = undershirt, singlet, vest
T-shirt = T-shirt
Socken / Strümpfe = socks, stockings
Damenunterwäsche lingerie = (~ladies underwear)
Slip / Schlüpfer = panties, knickers
BH (Büstenhalter) = bra, brassiere (~busts-holder)
Strumpfhose = pantihose / tights
Schuhe = shoes
Schuhriemen = shoe straps
Klettverschluss = Velcro ® (fastener)
Pantoffeln = (carpet) slipper
Stiefel = boots, boondockers
Hose = hose,pair of trouserspants , slacks , breeches
Reißverschluss = zip fastener, zip, zipper
Gürtel = girdle, belt, cordon
Pullover = pullover
Sweatshirt = sweatshirt
Hemd = shirt, shift
Bluse = blouse , shirt
Knopf = knob, button , push-button, pommel, chap, little fellow
Weste = vest , waistcoat
Jacke = jacket, coat, jerkin, cardigan
Mantel = mantle, (top-)coat, overcoat, cloak, jacket
Pelzmantel = fur coat (~pelt-mantle)
Regenmantel/Regenjacke = raincoat (~rain-mantle)/slicker (~rain-jacket)
Schal = shawl, scarf, muffler
Hut = hat, cap
Mütze = cap, hat
Kappe = cap
Handschuhe = gloves (~hand-shoes)
Regenschirm = umbrella, brolly (~rain-shade)
Sonnenschirm = sunshade, beach umbrella, parasol
Tasche = pocket (- of a jacket),(shopping-) bag, purse, pouch, case
Handtasche = handbag
Schmuck = embellishment, jewelry, jewellery [Brit.]
Ring = ring
Ehering = wedding ring
Kette = chain
Armband = bracelet (~arm-band, ~arm-ribbon)
Armbanduhr = wristwatch, watch (~arm-ribbon-watch)

Tips to Learn German Language Fast – series 1/6

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Learn German Language . org 6 important Tips on How to Learn the German Language Fast

Seeing the increasing amount of interest to learn German, we have felt the urge providing you with some tips on how to proceed . Many are planning  holiday to Germany or Austria added to the benefits of mastering a second language. That all aside we would all like to learn a language as fast as possible.

1. Do not procrastinate. Once you set a time-plan and resources, stick to it for at least a month. Then evaluate your progress and make modifications on your following month if needed. maybe within that month you have learned what you intended to.

Tip 2 will be coming soon, be sure to bookmark us.

What free/cheap websites, books, or sofware should I use to learn German?

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I am German, but I don't speak the language, and I have not been to Germany. Are there any free/cheap websites, books, or software that can help me learn German? I've heard Rosetta Stone is great, but it is too expensive for me. Also the Muzzy program is just dumb. Any advice would be good.

I answered this question a bit earlier; hopefully, these resources help you out, too!


How long will it take to learn German?

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I'm a grad student in history and decided to start learning the German language on my own. How long will it take (educated guess), and how much time should I dedicate a week, to learn the language fluently? What kind of study tips and resources would you recommend (audiotapes, books, etc) This question is for everyone, but especially for those who have learned German.

I think that it depends on your definition of "fluently". In fact, a person will never know everything about a certain language, not even about his own mothertongue – you never stop learning (e.g. not even Goethe knew all the words of the German language). But I think you can get to a level that would permit you to communicate with others in just a few weeks – if you practice a lot (which means: not just learning, but also applying what you have learned by trying to communicate with others).

Some study tips:

The most important seems to me practicing, hearing and reading as much as you can:

Hearing: Right from the start, I would listen to German radio stations (and television, if possible) -of course, you won't understand a word, but you can learn the German pronounciation by doing that. It is very important to do that at the beginning of your studies -it prevents you from getting a strong accent. Or you could see films on DVD in German language subtitled in English and then vice-versa. If you hear a sentence in German, try to repeat it to practice the pronounciation.

Practicing: On the internet, you could practice German by using the German version of Yahoo! Questions or by visiting German chatrooms. As soon as you understand a simple question try to give an answer.
Or you could try to find Germans living in your town and give them lessons in German conversation in exchange for lessons in English.

Reading: You could visit the websites of German newspapers (Frankfurter Allgemeine, TAZ, etc.) or you could do some internet research on topics (history, etc.) that interest you in German (as you certainly know already a lot about these topics this will help you to understand the websites and some of them will also be available in English, so can compare what you understood with what was meant).

I hope that this will help, that you will enjoy learning German and I wish you all the best for your studies!

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Learn German with SpeedyConKiwi! (The FAILED Episode)

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featuring special guest appearance by Tessa ; )

I hope everyone’s doing great, new *real* videos coming soon!!


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