Learn German Vocabulary – Family

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Learn German Online with Vocabulary Building. Todays lesson concerns family vocabulary. Use the Learning German Language Video on the end to reinforce your learning.

Deutsch Englisch
das Baby (-s or Babies) = Baby
der Bruder (“) = Brother
die Familie (-n) = Family
die Geschwister (-) = Siblings
die Großeltern (Großelteren) = Grandparents
die Großmutter (“) = Grandmother
der Großvater (“) = Grandfather
die Mutter (“) = Mother
die Oma (-s) = Grandma
der Opa (-s) = Grandpa
die Schwester (-n) = Sister
der Sohn (“-e) = Son
die Tochter(“) = Daughter
der Vater (“) = Father

Learn German – German Greetings

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http://www.best-german-gifts.com/german-greetings.html find here typical german greetings and introductions and learn german free

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What is the best mp3 program to use to learn German?

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need an mp3 German lesson. I just started, I am starting a rotation, I learn more when I switch between languages every few months/weeks. So this is a bit of an experiment. I have Pimslurs Japanese, and I only learn from that as I am falling asleep. So something musical, or really efficient.

I could still recommend Pimsleur German, aside from that there are other options of learning german software.

byki comes to mind and Rocket german.

Maybe try out to learn german online free with our free course, sign up on the right.

How long will it take to learn German for an early teenager?

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How long would it take to learn German if i am in early teens 13-15, have Rosetta stone which i do 1hour a day and take German lessons at school 4 times a fortnight, once i understand a little i will also start watching some German cartoons. I would like to know A LOT of German by late Novmber so that when i go back on the German Exchange i will not feel as stupid as i felt this time. Also i would like to know what they are saying about me ;) .

It could take anywhere from 1 month to 5 years or even more! It really depends on your studyplan. You can start to speak German right here. Use our Learn German Language Blog to navigate around

learn german

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What’s the best thing to use to learn German?

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I need to learn German, but there’s so many CDs, books, websites and whatnot to choose from I don’t know which one to use. I don’t really care if you have to buy it (Though free is always better), I just need to be able to hold a conversation in German, learn the basic everyday things and the like.
Any suggestions on what to use?

watch inspector rex. it is a german show and it really helped me when i was learning german

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