Is there an easy way to learn German?

November 25, 2008 by · 22 Comments 

I am hoping to learn German and need all the assistance I can get, Did anyone use a book and cd that they can recommend? I am on a tight budget but would appreciate any recommendations :-) Thanks!
I am living in Germany currently, so yes, that does help, but like I said I would love to have a book and cd or something so I can see and read as well as hear it! Thanks for all your suggestions :-)

The easiest way to learn any language is to live in that specific country for a bit. You cant help but pick it up.

(not really possible on a small budget though I suppose).

What is the best mp3 program to use to learn German?

October 19, 2008 by · 2 Comments 

need an mp3 German lesson. I just started, I am starting a rotation, I learn more when I switch between languages every few months/weeks. So this is a bit of an experiment. I have Pimslurs Japanese, and I only learn from that as I am falling asleep. So something musical, or really efficient.

I could still recommend Pimsleur German, aside from that there are other options of learning german software.

byki comes to mind and Rocket german.

Maybe try out to learn german online free with our free course, sign up on the right.

Berlitz German Premier

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Berlitz German Premier

Berlitz German Premier is a fast, easy and effective software that’s been helping people learn foreign languages for more than a decade. With this unique, time-proven learning system, weve provided three powerful ways for you to learn German….learn on your computer, in your car, or on the go. For more than 125 years the Berlitz brand has been synonymous with effective foreign language learning. With language centers spanning the globe, Berlitz has more satisfied students than any other program of its kind. And now Berlitz German Premier is guaranteed to make learning German easier and more fun than you ever imagined. Innovative games make learning fast and fun. Berlitz German Premier provides advanced speech analysis to help you speak like a native. Simply record, playback, and compare to perfect your accent and improve your pronunciation. Practice your vocabulary using your iPod or other MP3 player. Test your proficiency with word lists that match the software.Ideal for All Levels Beginner Get comfortable as a new learner by starting with the basics.Meeting and GreetingBasic Travel TermsNumbers and MoneyColorsSightseeing Intermediate Rapidly improve your pronunciation through conversation. Asking for DirectionsOrdering a MealShopping At the HotelEmergencies Advanced Learn words and phrases that will make you sound like a native speaker. Office ConversationSpeaking on the PhoneAn Evening with Friends Survival Phrases And Much More!

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