Anyone know any place on the web to learn German for free?

November 21, 2008 by · 3 Comments 

I've always wanted to learn German, and I know some stuff from High School, but I would love to be able to speak it well. Is there any place free, or cheap, (preferably cheap) on the web where I could go?

use the following link to learn german

What is the best book for beginning to learn German?

November 11, 2008 by · 3 Comments 

What is the best book for beginning to learn German? I would really like to learn German. Rosetta stone is too expensive, and I need a book, because I don’t have any fluent German speakers accessible to me. Please recommend a good book for beginning German that isn’t massively expensive.
Is that in reference to the teach yourself Beginners German or teach yourself German?

I could recommend teach yourself simply and easily, you can read the book review here. Aside from Rosetta Stone german there are other German Language Courses that might suit your budget. Try out our free course for instance (sign up on the right)

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What is the easiest/Fastest way to learn German?

November 1, 2008 by · 2 Comments 

I am going to germany in 3 years with a friend and know only a little German. Should I continue learning the language or wait a couple years and just go the Germany?

I think you should continue learning the language. Three years is a long time – what you could learn in that amount of time would really help with getting around the country and maybe even having conversations… Even after three years of study there will still be alot you can learn and improve on such as your accent. Even though many Germans speak English, most (I've heard) will be appreciative of your attempts to learn their language.
Living there will make the biggest difference – if you make sure to go and involve yourself with locals. My family hosted an exchange student thirteen years ago and when he came to the US he knew very little English (like "yes" and "no"). But he was very social and became involved alot at school and after a year the advancements he made were amazing!
Hope this helps & best of luck!!

is there any online courses for people who want to learn german?

October 20, 2008 by · 1 Comment 

i speak english,and i want to learn german.the fact is,i do not really know how to make it easy and effective online.can anyone help me?

Try the link below.

Episode One; Shelby and Linny Learn German

October 19, 2008 by · 22 Comments 


Duration : 0:4:25

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Learn German – German Greetings

October 19, 2008 by · 6 Comments find here typical german greetings and introductions and learn german free

Duration : 0:3:33

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How to learn German language in Mindanao?

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I will marry my fiance next time in Opol(Cagayan de Oro).Before she get the Visa for Germany she have to learn basic german language.Where she can learn and make a certificate,to give this in the end to German embassy in Manila?
Its statutory provision to learn for family reunion visa! The final test will be in the German embassy.But this against the human right,caus as a sample….Korean&brasilian dont need that.its only a matter of time that sombody will claim &win. So they hav to correct that. but til this time u hav to learn.Its an scandal.
I cant change this now,so we learn already by videochat

Her English must be good enough to try one of the many German Classes one can find online. Our learning German Language blog contains several reviews that can be of great help.

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Easy way to learn to speak and write german?

October 19, 2008 by · 2 Comments 

Easy way to learn to speak and write german? Im a german kid but born in U.S.A and sense i was born in U.S.A i was raised learning to talk english but now i wanna learn how to talk german. Im only 13 but none of my schools teach german they only teach French and Spanish but my elective is guitar because i love it but is there like a website or something where i can learn how to read and write german cause im a emotional kid id rather wanna write something so if people look at it they wont know what it is. Please help and thank you for helping out a kid who wants to learn german.

Browse arround on our site, you will find some learn german audio. Additionally learn German free with our online course.

How long did it take you to learn and speak German good?

October 19, 2008 by · 1 Comment 

How long did it take you to learn and speak German good? I am trying to learn it, I would like to hear someone elses experience learning German. I started learning it at age 14 and passed my GCSE (age16 exams in the UK) at 16 with an A grade. I went on to study it to age 18. I’m now 30 and it’s a tad rusty to be honest, more through lack of practice.

You need a really good teacher and also you need the opportunity to immerse yourself in the language – read German newspapers, books, watch German films. Ideally, visit Germany and immerse yourself in the country. It takes time and planning to learn and speak German good

Learn German- Kochen mit Herrn Nelson 1

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Hello, class, and welcome to Cooking with Herr Nelson. I am Herr (Mr.) Nelson, and we are going to cook today. Yes. What do we need for today? We need bread– a bag with bread. Chocolate, a piece of chocolate. A small piece of butter. Honey. Chocolate cereal, like “Cocoa Pebbles.” A napkin. A knife. A fork. We need a plate, a pan, and peanut butter.

All right. Those are the ingredients for today. What are we cooking? We are cooking a chocolate sandwich. Stick your hand in the bag and take out a piece of bread. The bread is broken! That is good. Broken bread is good. We place the bread on the plate and take a knife for the peanut butter. Stick the knife in the peanut butter. Ah, peanut butter on the bread. Very good, class. That is bread and peanut butter. Like that. The finger has peanut butter. Mmmm. Tastes good! Excellent! It is delicious.

Ok. Then we need…ah.. a bit of chocolate cereal. A bit of chocolate cereal. Ah, very good. Chocolate cereal on the bread. And then a bit of honey, a little honey on there. We must shake the honey. All right, I pour a little honey on there. Honey is good. Tastes good. A bit of honey on the finger. The honey is excellent. Wonderful. OK, then we need … ah. Chocolate. We place the chocolate in the middle. Mmm, wonderful. Then we cut a little butter off. But the knife is dirty. We must clean the knife. I’ll wash the knife.

Here. Like this. I am washing the knife. Now. I’m washing the knife. The knife is not dirty. It is now clean. And we cut a little butter off. Like this. And we throw the butter in the pan. Like this. And then, yes, a little heat with that, on the stove.

And the butter is melting. Look– the butter is melting. So. Very good. It will taste good. It is delicious. Chocolate and peanut butter sandwich. Mmm it is delicious. Chocolate sandwich. Ok, the butter is melting. We place the bread in the pan. Like this. Shake the pan. Mmm, class. I can smell it. It smells fantastic. Chocolate sandwich. It smells…Ok, 1 minute on the stove. Shake and so on– until the chocolate is a little warm, a little warm. Oh, it is so wonderful. Delicious, class, it is delicious. Cooking with Herr Nelson. Good and it is done. Now we place this sandwich on the plate. Very good. And we get a napkin. Here. The fork in one hand and the knife in the other hand. And then we cut a piece off. And we eat it. Oh, class, enjoy. It is wonderful, class. So, a chocolate sandwich. Enjoy, and goodbye from Herr Nelson. Until next time. Cooking with Herr Nelson. The music, maestro…

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